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What we do at GDC is apply TECHNOLOGY to bring SOLUTIONS to our customers and partners. It's has been more than 15 years of successful deployments.

The best reference for decision making is made through the precise analysis of data. Learn the tools developed by the GDC for interpretation and data management.
What makes our company keep long relationship with our customers is the mix of expertise & support our team. There is one mission: Exceed Expectations.
Our proposal is to provide various corporate services related to the same process flow so that the final result is immediate and effective.

what's new

Contract management
Keep your contracts data information updated and easy to access.

Optical Marks Recognition
Data capture through the digital system is much faster, safer and more accurate.

Corporate Enviroment
A process that allows you to create, receive and analyze the internal environment of your company.

Fast Software
That headache to do the same routine everytime? We have a tool for you.

Data Processing
Much information without any results? GDC will bring the right answers.

Data Capture
Even with a lot of paper? Our digital collection systems are able to index and store.

Would you like to know more about performance analysis?

Equipments by demand

GDC's new scanner rental division is now renting or leasing new and used scanners. Some of our clients have short project and need a extra support so we decided to help them, providing document scanners for a very low price. Go to Page